Our Goal is to transform ordinary and ugly garages into beautifully finished showrooms!

We create dream garages where cars can be put on display and the activities of life can be keep organized.

With the installation of our high performance floor coatings, cabinets and storage accessories we can maximize your garages storage potential and leave you with valuable square footage that is clean organized and beautifully finished. Each garage project is custom fit to each home owner and is tailored to fit their personality, lifestyle and exact storage needs. We can create a completely custom garage worthy of the cover of a magazine with bold colors and over the top finishes or maintain a more economical approach providing the essentials for a basic clean and organized garage.

Many garage projects need a complete renovation and we have the products and expert services to get you just what you need. Your garage has so much potential to be a clean, organized and inviting space. We have the right products and creative solutions to maximize every square foot. With our products and expert services we can build a dream garage into any house and work with any budget!

Start by selecting any of our products and services and together we can design a garage package custom fit to your home and lifestyle!

Flooring – Our high performance floor coatings provide a beautiful decorative surface combining proven chemistry, superior bond and unmatched durability.

Commercial Industrial Floor Coatings- All of our industrial flooring polymers are suited perfectly to perform in any commercial and industrial setting.

Cabinets – Combining modern designs,  fine finishing and strong materials, our storage cabinets keep your garage clean and organized.


Storage accessories – Tire racks, slat wall and ceiling mounted storage platforms utilize open wall space and compliment any organized garage.

Garage Renovations – Does your garage need more than just a floor coating? Our garage renovation packages can include drywall, painting, heating lighting, and electrical services.

Special Promotions – Our latest offers, events or shows where you can get a great deal or come meet us in person.


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